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Just imagine like a year or two into their relationship, John and Sherlock come stumbling in the front door, high on adrenaline and giggling, and John presses Sherlock back into the wall, kissing him breathlessly through their laughter and eventually pulling away and…

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do you think that when sherlock was badly injured and all alone during the time when he was trying to break moriarty’s network, he remembered john standing in front of his tombstone begging him to please ‘don’t be dead…just for me’ and that’s what been keeping him alive - john’s voice begging him to not be dead

and that was probably what he meant when he told john ‘i heard you’

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Lets have a dystopian future movie where none of the actors are white

Not a single one

No reason

No explanation

There’s just no white people and not a single character questions it

Watch how quickly people notice and get pissed off

but wouldn’t it be better to put one white extra in the far background of a huge crowd shot for a few frames, so we could point to them every time someone gets pissed off?

these are both excellent ideas.

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